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How To Create An Article

If I'm cataloging… Then I enter... Example Identifier Suffix
a subject identifier; Cheese; title ;
a writing identifier, https://www.example.com/mmmmm-cheese, URL/DOI/PMID/ISBN if possible; title otherwise ,
a statement identifier. Cheese is delicious. title .
a question identifier? Why is cheese so delicious? title ?

Need more help? See the "Help" section on this page, or check out the docs.


  • To add a new article, you need an identifier (e.g. title, DOI, URL, etc.) for what is being catalogued and its associated suffix. In short, if you want to catalog a...
  • writing, then your query must end in a comma (,)
  • statement, then a period (.)
  • question, then a question-mark (?)
  • subject, then a semicolon (;)