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The controversial approval of an Alzheimer’s drug reignites the battle over the underlying cause of the disease


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Author: Ender
Date: 06 July 2021, 8:45 (UTC)

is an article about Alzheimer’s and the amyloid hypothesis, a theory which seeks to explain the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s [Fx8]. It was written in the context of the FDA’s controversial [FxB] decision to approve Aducanumab, a new, experimental drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. It was written by Laurie McGinley and published by The Washington Post on July 5th, 2021.

Text [edit]

a string of failures. Years of testing drugs that target amyloid buildup have not yielded significant returns, and may be squeezing out other more promising approaches [Ix4].

Medicare’s finances. Aducanumab is an incredibly expensive treatment, and could undermine an already highly weakened Medicare system.

Reference [edit]

Washington Post. n.d. “The Controversial Approval of an Alzheimer’s Drug Reignites the Battle over the Underlying Cause of the Disease.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/05/aduhelm-new-alzheimers-drug-amyloid/.