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Why the Second Amendment protects a ‘well-regulated militia’ but not a private citizen militia


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Author: Ender
Date: 08 August 2022, 12:18 (UTC)

is an article about the recent decision by a California judge to strike down the state’s 32-year old ban on assault weapons [Tx7]. It was written by Eliga Gould, Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire, and published by the The Conversation.

Details [edit]

Benitez asserts. [Ix8]: the Constitution is clear. [Tx9]:

Reference [edit]

Gould, Eliga. n.d. “Why the Second Amendment Protects a ‘Well-Regulated Militia’ but Not a Private Citizen Militia.” The Conversation. https://theconversation.com/why-the-second-amendment-protects-a-well-regulated-militia-but-not-a-private-citizen-militia-162489.